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November 10, 2020

2020 Cybercrimes Conference
November 10, 2020
7:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Virtual Conference

Join us November 10th for our Cybercrimes Conference with a variety of speakers/topics addressing the current cybercrime environment. A total of 8 hours of CPE will be awarded for this conference.

$129.00 Member Registration
$99.00 Earlybird rate before October 10

$149.00 Guest Registration
$119.00 Earlybird rate before October 10

$99.00 Tickets for Groups of 5 or More

Technology Threats & Trends in Criminal Investigations

James A. Dill, Deputy Chief – Retired

President, Innovative Technology & Investigative Services


Technology saturates our everyday lives.  Yet, so many technologies are being developed with the specific purpose of targeting police officers or hiding criminal activity.

This is a unique and eye-opening class for prosecutors, law enforcement personnel and anyone working in the judicial system who wants to learn more on how everyday technologies are being used (or misused) to commit crimes, avoid or detect investigations, and to conduct counter surveillance.  However, not only will this course examine and demonstrate how individuals are misusing these technologies, it will also reveal simple, inexpensive ways to mitigate their success as well as provide some investigative tips.

Although dealing with technology issues, this course is instructed in a manner that both the novice and the expert will understand and appreciate.  The course utilizes a combination of lecture, multimedia examples, case studies, and live demonstrations involving the attendees.  Evaluations of this course have been excellent and many have stated that it should be mandatory training for every officer.


Topics Covered

  • Tracking EXIF information in Photos
  • Video counter-surveillance
  • Facial Recognition
  • The vulnerabilities of Caller ID including, spoofing and unblocking software.
  • Virtual Numbers
  • Bluetooth tracking
  • Devious and dangerous Smartphone app.
  • GPS & Geo-location threats.
  • Understanding IP addresses and how to identify a target
  • Proxy servers, VPNs and TOR.
  • A Darkweb and Bitcoin primer.
  • Much, much more!


Jim is a Summa Cum Laude Graduate of the Indiana University of PA with a BA in Criminology – and was valedictorian of the Criminology Department. 


Jim has dedicated his entire law enforcement career to matters dealing Investigative Technologies.  He is a 30 year veteran of the PA Office of Attorney and served as the director of the unit that handles technology investigations and later was promoted to Deputy Chief.  He has been qualified to testify as an expert at both the Common Pleas and Appellate Court level.


Jim remains actively involved with a variety of technologies and is currently working as a Law Enforcement instructor and subject matter expert for Alutiiq International and his own company:  Innovative Technologies and Investigative Solutions. He is an active member of the National Technical Investigator’s Association.


Jim has instructed classes on technology topics at the Northeast Counterdrug Training Center, the Pennsylvania State Police, the PA Chiefs of Police Association, the Minor Judiciary Education Board, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Barbara J Hart Women’s Resource Center, the National Organization for Victim Assistance, the PA Coalition Against Rape, and for numerous other law enforcement, judicial and victim advocate agencies.


Cyber Fraud: State of Play

Ron Plesco

Principal, Cyber Response Services



Cyber frauds such as email take overs, identity theft, breaches, ransomware and system disruptions continue to surge.  This is the world we live in—whether we accept it or not.  And for business and government leaders or just us consumers, Ron reminds us that it’s not a matter of if, or when your organization needs to respond to a breach or fraud, it is a matter of establishing Cyber Resiliency and assuming you are being hacked now.  In this talk, this cyberspace expert helps us understand the cyber threats to business and individuals.  He’ll describe the threat landscape and answer how we got here and in so doing will navigate such questions as:

  • How did Chinese military hackers steal a decade’s worth of R&D from global corporations?
  • How did hackers with Wall Street-fluency breach media and healthcare companies so they could play the market?
  • How and why do they steal your Identities and sell them on the Darknet?? Ron will then answer the most pressing question of all?
  • How do I protect myself?
  • He will a explain the practical steps you can take to prevent these attacks


Beyond just the basics Ron will conclude with a discussion around the new digital “zeitgeist”: how information is being weaponized, and public/consumer opinion is being swayed with surgical precession on your tablet, cell phone TV or laptop.

Ron is an internationally known information security and privacy attorney with over 17 years’ experience in cyber investigations, information assurance, privacy, identity management, computer crime and emerging cyber threats and technology solutions. Ron is a Principal in KPMG’s Cyber Response Services practice. Ron joined KPMG in 2012 after a distinguished career in the private and public sectors and is a frequent speaker nationally. Prior to joining KPMG, Ron was the CEO of the National Cyber Forensics and Training Alliance (NCFTA), where he managed the development of intelligence that led to over 400 worldwide cyber crime arrests in four years and prevented over $2 billion in fraud. Notable NCFTA intelligence-led arrests include Ghost Click, Anonymous, Coreflood and multiple online frauds.


Attacks Against Windows Based Networks, and How to Defend Against Them

Joe Strain

Director, Security, Privacy, and Risk Services



Joe will discuss:

  • Misconceptions around how data breaches occur, and Windows network security
  • Vulnerable protocols that are targeted by attacks
  • How these attacks work, and what tools are used
  • How to defend against the attacks covered above
  • Ways companies can properly harden Windows based systems against attack


Joe Strain is a director at RSM within their security and privacy practice, with over 10 years of cyber security experience. Joe is a system security specialist with experience analyzing network traffic, configuring intrusion detection, endpoint protection, and hardening devices across various platforms. His experience in system administration and computer security allows him to provide valuable insight in understanding and evaluating information systems (IS) security controls, and understanding the security and risk implications of IT-connected business processes.


Security Threats in the Age of Covid-19

John Sancenito, CPP

President, Information Network Associates


Cybercrime was one of the largest threats facing U.S. businesses prior to the start of the pandemic. The outbreak of Covid-19 created a perfect opportunity for criminals to strike. Phishing emails increased by 700% in the two months after businesses closed down.

This presentation will take a 360 Degree Look at security threats in the Age of Covid-19.  A great deal of the workforce was sent home to work remotely with little or no training on how to do so safely.  Many users used unsecure networks and were easy targets for criminals using social engineering experts.   

Struggling businesses have not invested in IT or physical security upgrades, creating prospects for opportunistic criminals to exploit.  As businesses emerge and re-unite their workforce, there are new cyber security threats that will need to be addressed. Many businesses have workers have unpatched software, malware infected devices and employees with bad cyber security habits. This presentation will look back at threats at the beginning of the outbreak, discuss current threats facing business, and offer practical advice on how to address future physical and cyber security threats.


John J. Sancenito is the President and co-owner of Information Network Associates, Inc. (INA); an international investigative and corporate consulting firm headquartered in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  INA specializes in providing risk management consulting and intelligence services to high-risk industries around the world. Mr. Sancenito’s professional experience includes more than 12 years as a sworn law enforcement officer.  He is a nationally renowned speaker and has lectured internationally.  He is also an established author who has received many awards and honors, including being selected as the 2010 Security Professional of the Year by the Central Pennsylvania Chapter of ASIS International

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November 10, 2020

2020 Cybercrimes Conference

November 10, 2020
7:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Virtual Conference

Join us November 10th for our Cybercrimes Conference with a variety of speakers/topics addressing the current cybercrime environment. A total of 8 hours of CPE will be awarded for this conference.

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