The PACFE is the Central Pennsylvania Chapter of the ACFE. The mission of the PACFE is to reduce the incidence of fraud and white-collar crime, and to assist the Central Pennsylvania membership in its detection and deterrence.

To accomplish its mission, the PACFE:

  1. Promotes the demonstration of professional qualifications through the ACFE International certification process;
  2. Promotes competence through mandatory continuing professional education;
  3. Promotes the strict adherence to the ACFE code of professional conduct and ethics;
  4. Promotes the ACFE to central Pennsylvania businesses and government agencies;
  5. Promotes professional leadership to inspire public confidence in the integrity, objectivity, and professionalism of Certified Fraud Examiners;
  6. Promotes community service by offering a Speaker’s Bureau to colleges, universities, professional groups and civic organizations seeking information on the prevention and detection of fraud and other white collar crimes.
  7. Promotes professional networking to facilitate the exchange of ideas within the ACFE Common Body of Knowledge.